Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Awakening of Consciousness - some tools to guide you

The human race is at a mystical crossroads right now. We stand, literally, between paths to many worlds. Do you feel it? Can you understand it? Do you sense that some part of yourself is awakening from a long slumber? Do you feel like you're beginning to see through all the lies and deception and government propaganda? Does it feel like you are fundamentally changing somehow? That is indeed the case. If you're grappling with these thoughts and are unsure how to proceed, then begin right here. Here's a link to a great video featuring David Icke that succinctly explains the major themes of what this Awakening is all about. Watch, enjoy and educate yourself.

Also, here's the actual video itself in case you're too eager!

Also, here's two other great videos. The first features Jordan Maxwell, and the second has Jordan Maxwell and David Icke in conversation together. If you are unaware of who these guys are, I seriously urge you to watch them anyway. Many thanks to Bill Ryan from Project Avalon for making these videos. There are truth-tellers out there.

As always the truth is relativistic and subjective, like anything really worth having. Things are always infinitely more complex than we might first assume. Events, experiences, insights and even people themselves are shaded with various levels, layers and nuances of meaning. This also implies that the human spirit is like that too, and probably the unseen world in general. I for one am kind of grateful about that.

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  1. I find this to be so true for me and for many people I know and spend time talking to. I can't explain it but I feel as if the world is on the precipice of some huge thing and that the only way to be prepared for it is gain as much knowledge as we can. I have to admit that I dont have very much faith in mankind at this point because everything and everyone seems so lost and confussed. Still I hope that more people like you get the word out. Thanks for your post.