Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Cusp

For a long time, mystics, revolutionaries and lunatics have been trying to warn us that humanity will face a cusp moment, a fork in the road between two polarised extremes. More recently in our history the alternative media has been suggesting this very thing.

We are living in an age where certain kinds of information can be shared globally in real time. This is unprecedented. It is not only Hollywood marketing campaigns that can go viral within a matter of minutes, hours or days – it’s also all our hopes, dreams, speculations and paranoia about life, secrecy, the unseen world, and the future of humankind.

Heady stuff. If our speculations and paranoia can go viral thanks to the speed at which information can now be shared, what does this suggest with regards to human consciousness?

ET Disclosure, the degradation of the biosphere, Aflockalypse, and endless, endless war...

Are we freaking ourselves out with collective shadows on the wall of the global cave, or is this explosion of information-sharing ability now going to take us into stranger, less-charted territories?

What is happening here? What exactly is it we are witnessing? Is this crossroads now looming before us in ways we would be foolish to deny? Or are we simply doing what we have always done and spinning elaborate yarns to distract ourselves from the painful business of being alive? If the latter is the case, we are doing so at lightning speed. What awaits us, then?

Chaos? Insight? A revealing of something profound and integral for human consciousness? Self-delusions for the 21st century? Or...a combination of all these things?

If our speculations and misunderstandings and half-truths can go viral, then can our intuitions be simultaneously doing the same? Are we indeed on the cusp of something that will soon bring into relief both truth and lies and the interrelationship between them? With any coming possible insight lies the possibility of the darkest swathes of human political, sociological, ecological and psychological history being uncomfortably, undeniably illuminated.

Are we ready for the Cusp?